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How to Learn German for Beginners

To learn German for beginners, you must first understand the basics, including the alphabet, key vocabulary, and grammar. Then, you can immerse yourself in German media and content to get the feel of the language, practice your listening skills, and pick up more everyday lingo. For a more structured or accelerated approach, you can enroll in German language courses, such as the ones offered at German Academy Zurich.

If you’re wondering how to learn German online, this article is for you! Let us walk you through the different learning methods suitable for beginners.

Get to Know the Alphabet

The German alphabet is a bit different from the English alphabet. While they look similar, vowels and consonants sound distinct. It’s important to get to know these variations so that it’s easier to learn and pronounce words correctly.

Learn Key Vocabulary

Popular German expressions, including phrases like “Guten morgen!” (Good morning!) or “Danke!” (Thank you!), should be one of the first things you learn. These can help you start basic conversations and help you with simple everyday tasks. 

Think about phrases you say every day or words that you think will be key in the conversations you’d like to engage in. Write these down and practice saying them until you get the hang of it!

Understand Basic Grammar and Sentence Structure

Grammar and sentence structure are two of the most basic things one should master when learning a language. Grammar can be a bit tricky in German, but there are almost no exceptions in the language, making it easier to remember. Sentence structure, on the other hand, is similar to English, so it won’t be too hard to grasp the rules.

Watch German Shows

Immersing yourself in German media is a fun and effective way to learn the language and pick up some cultural lessons. Watch German videos or TV shows; you can either watch them in the German language with subtitles or watch movies in your native language with German subtitles. If you’d like a more academic approach, you can take a pen and paper to note any new vocabulary and expressions you notice.

Watching German shows can greatly improve your listening skills, help you enhance your pronunciation, and teach you how to understand context.

Listen to German Radio and Podcasts

Once you’ve built a little bit more confidence to learn German without visual aids, you can add German and radio podcasts to your study arsenal. You don’t have to dive directly into complicated content–you’ll find there are many German audio resources tailored to German students or beginner German speakers. Listening to German music is also an enjoyable way to get to know the rhythms of the language.

Do German Lessons

Taking lessons is the best way to learn German for beginners who want a more structured or personalized approach. You can take lessons in a classroom setting or with a private tutor who designs a curriculum based on your needs. Having a tutor will help you target difficult areas, allow you to practice speaking with someone in real life and let you progress faster.

Meet German Speakers

Speaking to German speakers will help you pick up conversational German with more ease. It’ll allow you to learn words and phrases that you might not encounter using other resources. If you’re already in Switzerland, you can try to meet your neighbors or people in your local community.

German for Beginners at German Zurich Academy

How fast can you learn the German language? This ultimately depends on your study style and the amount of time and effort you put into your learning. However, enrolling in a course like the A1 and A2 programs at German Zurich Academy can help you master the language with ease through private tutors and a wealth of learning resources. Check out our available courses today!

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