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Pass the A1-German telc exam in just two months with only one hour a day of self-paced study

Pass the A1-German telc exam in just two months with only one hour a day of self-paced study

We are

The Swiss Leader in German Teaching

Specialized German Expertise

At the German Academy Zurich, we are exclusively devoted to teaching German to expats. By focusing solely on German, we tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of each learner, ensuring you receive the most effective and personalized language education.

Innovative Learning Experience

Move beyond traditional classrooms with our cutting-edge technology designed to make learning German not just easier, but also engaging and enjoyable. Our innovative platform integrates seamlessly with the latest digital tools to enhance your learning journey.

AI-Powered Assistance​

Our AI assistant is fluent in all languages – from English and Spanish to Arabic, Indian, Japanese or any other language – making it your perfect learning companion. It’s programmed to teach German in your native language and provide instant support with grammar and vocabulary challenges.

The German Academy Zurich is leading in teaching German in Switzerland


Step 1

Enroll in our German course.

Step 2 

We will provide you with an evidence of enrollment letter for the Swiss authorities within 24 hours.

Step 3 

Learn A1-German with our German course from anywhere, anytime, with the perfect blend of your own private teacher and an AI-powered learning platform. 

Step 4

Receive an A1-certificate from our language school upon completion of the final exam. You will be perfectly prepared to pass the official telc exam.

“The course is amazing. I can highly recommend Anna’s teaching methods.”

Patrick Williams
Global Business Development

We are experts on

Our Services

German Courses and Private Lessons

Innovative German Courses

For beginners at levels A1 and A2, we offer AI-enhanced German courses paired with a dedicated private teacher. Our innovative approach ensures personalized guidance, practice in speaking, and immediate answers to your queries, accelerating your learning process.

Convenient Private Lessons

For intermediate to advanced students (levels B1 to C2), we provide convenient online German private lessons tailored to your pace and preferences. Each student is matched with a dedicated teacher who focuses on enhancing your language proficiency in a structured yet flexible format.

At-Home German Teacher

Experience personalized learning in the comfort of your own home with our at-home German teaching service. Our qualified teachers will come to your residence, providing personalized and immersive learning sessions that fit seamlessly into your daily schedule.

German for Businesses

We offer tailored course packages that include custom vocabulary specific to your industry and flexible scheduling to fit your business needs, ensuring that your team can learn efficiently and effectively.

OUR German Learners

Come from many different places

Our learners

work at various companies

Or come to Switzerland with their partner

German course for partners who come to Switzerland

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Master German Faster — See Our Courses

Do you want free German learning material?

We regularly create learning materials for difficult grammar and vocabulary topics and share them with all our German learners around the world.


The German Academy Zurich is an established institution for expats that come to Switzerland and want to learn German.

If you have any questions regarding our German courses or private lessons please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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