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Meet the author

Anna Pastrikos

Head of Language School

Forget about dry textbooks and repetitive learning! Anna brings a breath of fresh air to learning German. A graduate of the esteemed University of Vienna with a deep passion for languages, she’s on a mission to personalize your learning journey and make it engaging and effective. Her secret weapon? A powerful blend of time-tested teaching methods and cutting-edge technology that will completely transform how you approach and master the German language.

More than just passionate, Anna is a certified Telc examiner, making her a true German language expert. Her keen ability to gauge your language proficiency ensures your learning journey is tailored to meet your specific goals. Over a decade of experience teaching German to expats in Vienna and Zurich has given her a deep understanding of the unique challenges and goals faced by learners adapting to a new environment. She can anticipate the roadblocks you might encounter and provide the targeted support you need to succeed.

Beyond the classroom, Anna’s wanderlust led her on a digital nomad adventure. This journey exposed her to a global tapestry of learning styles, further fueling her innovative approach to language education. But Anna’s secret weapon goes beyond just methods; she’s a firm believer in the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach. This means you’ll learn German through real-life scenarios and interactive activities, focusing on communication and fluency from day one. Get ready to ditch mindless memorization and embrace a dynamic learning experience that will have you speaking German with confidence!

When she’s not meticulously crafting dynamic lessons or conquering new languages herself, you might find her exploring a new city, soaking up its culture and hidden gems. Or, you might spot her curled up in a cozy cafe, not just indulging in a good book, but perhaps picking up a few new phrases in another language.