"No more one-size-fits-all!
The future of learning is a personalized experience for each student. We blend the 1:1 teaching of private teachers with the power of AI"

Anna, Head of language school 

Our vision

Our goal is to redefine personalized learning and make learning German with a private teacher affordable for everyone. The best way to learn is with a dedictaed private teacher, but this is very expensive and the high cost could only be afforded by a small percentage of learners. 

Our vision is to bridge the gap between traditional instruction and cutting-edge learning, offering dedicated private teachers alongside a personalized AI platform. We leverage the power of AI to create an adaptive, customized path for each student, while ensuring continuous support and guidance from a dedicated private teacher. Together, we unlock your language potential and propel you towards fluency with unmatched efficiency and effectiveness.

Meet the founders

Head of language school
Backend & AI Developer

Anna is a German, English & Spanish teacher with university diploma and a certified Telc-Examiner. She has 10+ years experience in teaching foreign languages at schools & universities.

Felix is responsible for the front- and backend of our web application and ensures, that our AI-powered learning platform runs smoothly. He is an expert in gamification to make your learning experience fun and enjoyable.

Our history: A journey of learning, innovation, and exploration

The German Academy Zurich has been founded as a start-up by Anna Pastrikos and Felix Zeeb in Zurich in 2020. 

A wealth of instructional know-how and a passion for digital learning have brought Anna from teaching in various language- and private schools in Vienna and Zurich to starting her own language learning academy. She is responsible for the educational program of the German Academy Zurich.

While teaching at various language schools in Zurich, Anna realized that many expats prefer the flexibility and personalized learning experience that a digital learning environment offers. Fueled by years of teaching experience and a love for digital innovation, Anna and Felix laid the foundation for The German Academy Zurich.

In 2022 Anna and Felix embarked on a journey as digital nomads. They saw how different environments, motivations, and learning styles shaped the way people engaged with languages. This global tapestry of learning informed their innovative approach, blending the best of traditional teaching methods with the flexibility and engagement of digital tools.

The result? A thriving platform that empowers learners to immerse themselves in the German language on their own terms. The comprehensive curriculum, meticulously crafted by Anna, ensures structured learning and clear progress. Felix’s technological expertise shines through in the user-friendly interface, engaging exercises, and gamified elements that make learning fun and rewarding.

2023 was a great year for the German Academy Zurich with numerous students celebrating their achievements and passing their official exam.  The flexibility of our digital platform empowers students to learn on their own terms, balancing busy schedules with their German learning. This tailored approach resonated deeply with our learners. We are very proud of the positive feedback and our successful students. 

Moreover, the German Academy Zurich has expanded its faculty, welcoming its first teacher who joins Anna in teaching our students.

Now, with plans to return to Switzerland in spring 2024, Anna and Felix are poised to take The German Academy Zurich to new heights. And one thing is certain: our journey of growth and learning has only just begun.

A1-German course

We have developed a digital training program that is customized for expats who want to learn German and pass the A1 telc or Goethe exam in Switzerland. The course combines the personal teaching of a private teacher, an AI assistant who is trained to answer all your grammar and vocabulary questions 24/7, digital exercises and test exams on our learning platform.

You can find all the information regarding the A1 German course by clicking the button below.

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