Want to learn German?

You’ve come the right place. The German Academy Zurich is the place to level-up your German skills fast and efficiently.

What the German Academy Zurich is all about

The German Academy Zurich has been founded as a start-up by Anna Pastrikos & Felix Zeeb in Zurich in 2020. 

Anna is a German & English teacher with a passion for digital learning and communicative language teaching. She is responsible for the education programe of the German Academy Zurich. Felix and his team take care of the smooth running of the courses back end. 

While teaching at various language schools in Zurich, Anna realized that many expats prefer the flexibility and personalized learning experience that a virtual learning environment offers. 

We saw that the education industry was ripe for a digital innovation. Therefore, we decided to develop this course to support expats in learning German.

"Anna is a really smart German teacher who knows what she's talking about because she prepares people for exams every day."

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