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You’ve come the right place. The German Academy Zurich is the place to start your German journey with an A1 course for beginners.

Anna Pastrikos, Head of Educational Programme at the German Academy Zurich

What the German Academy Zurich is all about

The German Academy Zurich is a digital innovation in the education industry. It is the first time that learners can enjoy the efficiency and flexibility of an AI supported digital course, while also having a dedicated private teacher.

The German Academy Zurich has been founded as a start-up by Anna Pastrikos and Felix Zeeb in Zurich in 2020. 

Anna, who has studied at the University of Vienna, is a German & English teacher and a certified Telc-Examiner with a recognized teaching degree in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. 

Many years of teaching experience and a passion for digital learning have brought her from teaching in various language- and private schools in Vienna and Zurich to starting her own language learning academy. She is responsible for the educational program of the German Academy Zurich.

While teaching at various language schools in Zurich, Anna realized that many expats prefer the flexibility and personalized learning experience that a digital learning environment offers.

The A1-German SmartCourse

We have developed a digital training program that is customized for expats who want to learn German and pass the A1 telc or Goethe exam in Switzerland. The course consists of digital exercises and private lessons with your personal tutor.

You can find all the information regarding the A1 German SmartCourse by clicking the button below.

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