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Best German Course in Zurich

You are an expat in Switzerland and are looking for a German Course in Zurich? You have come to the right place! There are
many language schools in Zurich – but, there is one thing that makes us stand out from the crowd! 
We are a digital language school that offers an all online A1 German course in Zurich.  The digital German course can be done at home on your laptop or on the go from your iPad or mobile phone. That doesnt mean that that you have to do without a private teacher. Quite on the contrary! You will have a language teacher right in your pocket whom you can ask all your German questions at ANY time!

This A1 digital German course package comes with:

  • 10 x 45-minute lessons with your private German teacher
  • 60+ video lessons
  • 250+ digital lessons and 2000+ exercises
  • an “ask the teacher” button at the end of each chapter

Sounds pretty good, right?

There are many reasons why this digital A1 German course could be the right one for you. However, there might also be reasons why you would prefer a conventional face-to-face German group course at a language school in Zurich. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of a German online course and a traditional German group course in Zurich.


When visiting a face-to-face German group course in Zurich you will be commuting to your language class. If you are taking a standard German course in Zurich, you will be visiting your language school twice a week and your classes will be at a fixed time, which means you will have to structure your day around set class times. Depending on how much time you have on your hand it can be difficult to squeeze in that additional commute to your language school.

The topic of mobility is of course one big advantage of an online course. Our online German course offers you great flexibility. Instead of rushing to and from the language school after work at fixed times, you can enjoy the freedom of studying where and whenever you like. Time spent with your commute to work is not wasted if you can study on your phone or tablet. The flexibility allows you to carry out your day how you need, rather than fitting it around a class schedule. This can be helpful if you are working a lot, are busy with kids, or would simply like to have more control over your schedule


A standard German group course in Zurich will allow for a lot less flexibility than an online course does. As it is very heavily curriculum and teacher led, the teacher will decide exactly what unit is learned when. There is no flexibility that allows you to work in your own pace. You will have to adjust to the pace of the teacher and the other course participants.

Our online German course can be finished in your own pace and time. You might have a vacation coming up and need to put the course on hold for two weeks? No problem at all, you will just pick up where you left off. However, it might be that you are in a rush and want to finish the course much faster than a conventional German course can offer you. Again no problem at all. You decide and you set the pace for your German learning!

This, however, calls for discipline on your side. As you are not forced to show up at a class at a certain time, you will have to decide and plan out the time when you want to be working on your digital German course. Self-discipline is required!

Social interaction and connection

Some people don’t just only go to a German course to learn German, but also to interact with – and meet other expats. This social interaction might also help some people with their learning, as they can see their teacher and peers face-to-face, answer questions directly and partake in conversations. If you are one of those people, a conventional German group course in Zurich might be the better option for you.

A German Teacher in your pocket

When visiting a face-to-face German group course in Zurich you will be able to contact your teacher and ask your questions only during the fixed class hours.

However, in our online German course you will be able to contact your teacher and ask questions at ANY time. After each chapter there will be a «contact the teacher button» where you can get real time answers to your questions. Just hit the button and type in your question.

So to sum it up.

Advantages conventional German group course:

  • stronger social interaction & connection
  • German conversations can be practiced with your peers
  • questions can be asked directly (during class times)

Advantages our online German course:

  • personal lessons with your private teacher
  • no commuting to your language school
  • flexible learning schedule
  • ability to contact your teacher and ask questions at any time

If you think that an online German course might be right for you, then click down below to find out more about our course! 

Click here to find out more and start learning German today! 

Thank you for reading my article! Drop a comment if you liked it or if you still have a question.

Hear you soon,


Start learning German today!

Reach your A1-Level in German with our beginner course. 

Your private teacher and digital exercises will prepare you for the telc and Goethe exam in Switzerland.

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