5 tips to pass the telc test

1. Know what’s ahead of you 

This is the most important advice for passing any test – including the telc test. Once you know exactly what awaits you, it will be easy to prepare accordingly and thus, be confident in every test situation. For the telc test specifically that means you should know exactly which knowledge is expected on your language level (ranging from A1 – C2), which skills will be tested (reading, writing, grammar, oral communication) and the allocated time frame for each skill.

2. Complete a course

It is not impossible to learn a language on your own, especially if you are very disciplined and committed. However, learning German will be much easier by taking a course with a well-designed curriculum. In the course you will not only learn how to speak German, but also the underlying rules of the language. Furthermore, your teacher will always be there to support you.

3. Fill in the gaps

You might already have completed a German course or feel quite confident at your level of German. If so – that is great! But make sure you really get enough practice of every single skill that is expected in the telc test (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). Everybody has strengths and weaknesses and usually we tend to be better at some skills than others. If you know your reading skills are great, but you lack in writing – practice writing. 

4. Prepare for success

To be successful at the telc test it is important to practice performing under test conditions. When preparing for the telc test you should stop the time for each task, to make sure you don’t need more time for a task at home than you will have at the telc test. Moreover, you can take a telc prep course where we will provide you with written and oral mock exams, to make sure that you are well prepared and successful.

5. Be confident and relaxed

You know what’s ahead of you, you practiced all the necessary skills and you filled in all your gaps – congrats! You are ready for the telc test! So be confident and relaxed when you take the telc test. For those of you who struggle with test anxiety – don`t worry! You should see the telc test as a language game, by knowing the game’s rules and objectives and by training consistently you became a great player – so go for it!

Anna Pastrikos article author

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