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Master A2 German with our course and ace the Swiss exams. Our course is a combination of private lessons and interactive exercises on our learning platform that will make you feel confident speaking German. Learn at your own pace whenever and wherever you want.

Master A2 German with our flexible online course and ace the Swiss exams. Our course is a combination of private lessons and interactive exercises on our learning platform that will make you feel confident speaking German. Learn at your own pace whenever and wherever you want.

What you get with this A2 German language course

Private German lessons with your dedicated private teacher

Access to our exclusive learning platform with 150+ lessons and 2’000+ exercises

Vocabulary and grammar sheets perfectly prepared for you to start learning

German A2 certification from our language school

Who is this A2 German course for?

This German course for advanced beginners is tailored for expats, business individuals and students aiming to acquire German A2 proficiency in Switzerland. Swiss German deviates from standard German in vocabulary and spelling. This German A2 course perfectly prepares you for the official telc and Goethe exam which is mandatory for acquiring a residence permit in Switzerland. The course material encompasses private lessons, videos, practice exercises, and personalized learning documents specifically designed for German A2 comprehension, to increase your knowledge and help you to speak German confidently.


What sets our A2 German course apart?

Private teacher

One dedicated German teacher watches over your progress and practices speaking with you. Your teacher will guide and support you.

AI empowered learning

Our German teachers trained an AI assistant for you. The AI knows all German A2 topics and can answer your questions right away.


Finish the course at your own pace. Schedule each private German lesson at a time that is convenient to you.


Learn German wherever you want - at home, at work or on the go with your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Telc and Goethe

We prepare you to pass the official exam that Non-Europeans need for their permit in Switzerland.

Optimal preparation

Our test exams and our final exam mirror the official telc format, guaranteeing no German exam surprises.

Anna Pastrikos is the owner German Academy Zurich

About the German Academy Zurich

We recognized that the traditional classroom setting wasn’t the most effective way for expats to learn German so we embarked on a mission to revolutionize language learning. With a shared vision of creating an immersive and personalized language approach, we created a learning experience that is personalized and as flexible as possible to fit the needs of busy professionals. 

Our unique course seamlessly integrates one-on-one teaching and AI supported learning with a digital learning platform. This fusion of personalized guidance by a private German teacher, the newest AI technology and interactive exercises provides our students with an outstanding learning experience.

Anna Pastrikos, Head of Language School

Why should you choose our course?

Lesson structure

Private lessons

Learn with your private German tutor in 1:1 video calls.

Video lessons

Watch easy-to-follow video lessons.


Online exercises to practice your language skills.


Test what you have learned and get feedback.


Never before it was that easy to learn German.


Let's hear what our learners say

A picture of a male student who finished their German A2 course

The online German A2 course was fantastic, particularly the personal speaking lessons and interactive exercises. The flexibility of the course allowed me to learn at my own pace while working my full-time job, significantly boosting my confidence and fluency in German.

Alex Martinez

Software Engineer

A picture of a female student who finished their German A2 course

I needed to reach German A2 proficiency to apply for my C residence permit. Thanks to the exceptional support of my teacher and the flexibility of the course, which allowed me to learn from the comfort of my home, I made rapid progress. The entire experience was both convenient and highly effective.

Emma Johnson

IT Project Manager

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Learning platform access
CHF 647
  • Access to our digital learning platform
  • 250+ lessons, 2500+ exercises
  • 24/7 AI teaching assistant
  • Vocabulary lists and grammar overview sheets
  • Course completion certificate


Best for most users
CHF 997
  • Access to our digital learning platform
  • 250+ lessons, 2500+ exercises
  • 24/7 AI teaching assistant
  • Vocabulary lists and grammar overview sheets
  • German A2 certificate
  • 10 private lessons with your personal German teacher
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More private lessons
CHF 1897
  • Access to our digital learning platform
  • 250+ lessons, 2500+ exercises
  • 24/7 AI teaching assistant
  • Vocabulary lists and grammar overview sheets
  • German A2 certificate
  • 20 private lessons with your personal German teacher

Expat community

The German Academy Zurich cordially invites all learners and alumni to our monthly social gathering in Zurich. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with your fellow German enthusiasts, build your network, and share your Swiss experiences. Feel free to join us at any time!

Next steps after sign-up

When you have finished the payment process on the checkout page, you will receive an email with instructions on how to create your online account. Once you have created your online account, you can log in to the German language course by clicking on the link in your email or the ‘Login’ link on our website.

When you login to your account you start the course by clicking on Chapter 1 – Lesson 1. You will be guided through new vocabulary and grammar concepts using videos, listening exercises, reading exercises, and writing exercises. You will learn German nouns, verbs, pronouns, sentences, German numbers, and so much more valuable information. During the whole course you have access to an AI assistant, who is perfectly trained to answer all questions regarding German grammar and vocabulary instantly.

When you reach certain milestones you will be asked to book a private lesson. You will see a calendar to book your lesson. Each time you book a lesson you can choose a day and time convenient to you. You will have a total of 10 private lessons to practice speaking German. Learning German has never been so easy and convenient.

At the end of the course you will take our final German exam. This exam is modeled after the official telc exam (an official telc examiner designed our test). Our final exam is a perfect practice test to help you prepare for the German telc exam.

After completing the course, you will receive a certificate from our language school, confirming that you have reached A2 level. You are now speak German A2 confidently and are perfectly prepared to start a B1 German course.


Most frequently asked questions and answers

Only applies for the Standard & Premium Course

When you pass certain milestones in your course, you will be asked to choose a time from a calendar that best suits you for your private German lesson.

Private lessons consist of reading exercises and dialogues with your German teacher who will help you to improve your pronounciation.

Furthermore your teacher will address all your questions regarding your German A2 level.

You can contact your German teacher anytime using the ‘contact the teacher’ button in the course or you can write an email. You will receive a response to your question within 24h.

Only applies for the Standard & Premium Course

You will take a German exam to assess your reading, listening, writing and speaking skills at the end of the course.

When you have passed the exam you will receive an official German A2 certificate from the German Academy Zurich.

Our course is completely online. You do not have to visit a physical location or follow a set schedule. You can learn whenever and wherever you want with our German language courses.

Furthermore you can get to German A2 level within one course and enjoy the combined convenience of a private teacher, a 24/7 AI support trained on German grammar and vocabulary and a digital learning platform.

Our standard course costs only CHF 997. The 10 private lessons are included in this price.

You can enroll now and start your German A2 language course right away.

Click one of the ‘Enroll Now’ buttons on this page to proceed to the checkout. Make your payment and you will receive an email to create your account. With your account you can log into our digital learning platform and start your German A2 language course right away.

Fast learners can reach A2 level with our course in just two months with only one hour a day of self-paced study.

Of course you can finish the course even sooner by dedicating more time to studying.

An A2 German course typically covers the following key grammar topics:

  • Verbs in dative and accusative cases
  • Regular and irregular verbs in the past tense
  • Modal verbs in the past tense
  • Konjunktiv II (subjunctive II)
  • Expressing the future tense
  • Possessive articles
  • Adjectives: comparative and superlative forms
  • Reflexive pronouns in the nominative and accusative cases
  • Prepositions in the dative and accusative cases
  • Forming main and subordinate clauses
  • Forming indirect questions

The A2 German exam conducted by the telc or Goethe Institut consists of two main parts:

  1. Written Exam (approximately 70 minutes):

    • Listening: 20 minutes
    • Reading and Writing: 50 minutes
  2. Oral Exam: 15 minutes

Our course is structured into chapters, each introducing new vocabulary and gradually teaching you A2 level German grammar step by step.

We incorporate a variety of exercises in our A2 German course to practice listening, writing, reading, and speaking skills.

You will engage with single and multiple-choice questions, review flashcards, fill in blank spaces, and write texts that will be corrected by your private teacher. Additionally, you will have opportunities to practice speaking with your private teacher, and quizzes at the end of each chapter help reinforce your learning.

The average time to complete one chapter is one hour.

The course is designed for progress in manageable, “snackable” sessions. By investing 30 to 60 minutes per learning session, you will make steady progress.

Our German A2 exam mirrors the structure of the telc or Goethe exams, ensuring you are perfectly prepared for the official tests of these institutes.

The exam structure is twofold. First, you will take a written exam lasting approximately 70 minutes, which tests your listening, reading, and writing skills. Following that, you will have an oral exam to assess your speaking skills.

Our course is specifically designed to prepare you for each section of the official exam.

Throughout the course, you will practice all sections, ensuring you are perfectly prepared for the exam.

You do not need any additional learning materials beyond our course content.

As you progress through the course, you will learn using interactive exercises.

Upon completing each chapter, you will receive a vocabulary list and a grammar cheat sheet summarizing all the content you need to review from that chapter.

The most challenging topics in grammar are the different cases (nominative, accusative & dative), the verb conjugation and the German word order.

The most challenging vocabulary topics are learning the grammatical gender of nouns and the correct use of prepositional phrases.

Only applies for the Standard & Premium Course

You will practice speaking with your private teacher. 

When you reach specific milestones in your course you will be asked to book a private lesson at a time convenient to you. 

Your private teacher will actively practice speaking using dialogues, helping you to improve your pronunciation and speak German confidently.

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